Discover our new 
Inca Oil Collection kit

Inspired and powerd by Amazonia! 

Discover our new
Inca Oil Collection kit

Natural Haircare inspired by the rainforest

Re-inventing the Beauty Experience ! 
Experience our Inca Oil, Bacupari, Buriti, Acai, and provide your hair with a Brazilian straightening, a repairing or regenerating hair care with a professional result for all types of hair! Our smoothing, straightening hair care offer your hair a perfectly straight and long-lasting result (6 to 8 months)!
Formulated with natural ingredients from Amazonia, our Brazilian straightening and hair care products are very easy to apply.  They will bring to your hair smoothness, proctection, shiness and vitality!

Inca Oil Collection

Smoothing & Protection
for all types of hair, curly, coarse and undisciplined hair. 

Bacupari Collection

Smoothing & Protection 
for colored, highlighted and sensitised hair. 

Buriti Collection

Repair & Protection
for dry & damaged hair, split ends.

Açai Collection

Reconstruction & Protection
for severly damaged hair.

About Flora Amazonia

Flora Amazonia has reconciled sustainability, the use of natural and toxic-free ingredients with the latest scientific advance to offer revolutionary hair care products that will nourish, rejuvenate and straighten your hair.
Say goodbye to dry and damaged hair, split ends, hair loss and undisciplined hair thanks to the amazing resources from the Amazonian rainforest. Our collections address all kind of hair types and textures including afro. 
Flora Amazonia cares about the environment 
as much as offering you the greatest 
hair care routines and gives back to local associations and communities.
Flora's Diary
  • How to choose my Brazilian Straightening? 
  • Which shampoo should I use after my Brazilian hair smoothing care?
  • What is the type and nature of my hair?
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