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Flora Amazonia shares with you its tips...

Capillar beauty has a name:  Flora Amazonia! 
Efficient products, a careful diagnosis and an excellent hairdresser are all essential elements for beautiful hair. However, there are also simple things you can do in your daily routine to keep your hair healthy, soft and shiny. 
Flora Amazonia takes you into its confidence...
01. Give your scalp a massage
To be done by yourself - or to be done by someone else -, massaging your scalp is not only very pleasant but will soften your scalp and thus promote microcirculation and oxygenation. This will stimulate the growth of your hair and give it strength. 
However, for the massage to be effective, it is not enough to simply touch the scalp, you must feel the skin move under your fingers. Foster circular movements, from the neck to the forehead, then in the other direction, between 2 and 5 minutes. 
02. Wring out your hair before applying a treatment.
We sometimes tend to apply our conditioner or hair mask while we're still in the shower, without taking the time to towel dry our hair. 
If your hair is not wrung out, the conditioner will run down the hair fiber instead of penetrating it. Lightly towel-drying your hair will remove excess water while keeping it humid, so that the treatment will be more effective. 
03. Have the ends of your hair cut regularly.
Cutting the ends of your hair actually means removing a few millimeters or centimeters from the lengths, which is really very little! Many women are reluctant to cut off even a centimeter of their hair, and that's a pity, because, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't speed up hair growth, but it does help prevent split ends from coming up and damaging the entire length. 
Cutting the ends eliminates incipient split ends and gives your hair a fuller, more groomed look. It is recommended to do this about every three months. And for those who are reluctant, remember that your hair grows an average of one centimeter per month!  
04. Apply a vegetable oil before putting on your bathing cap.
Do you like swimming laps in the pool but you are afraid for your hair? You're right! In the long run, chlorine can dry out your hair and make it more fragile. The bathing cap (generally compulsory) is a first protection but it is not sufficient. To protect your hair effectively, coat it with a vegetable oil before putting on your cap, this will prevent the chlorine from penetrating the hair fiber. After swimming, wash your hair with your usual shampoo and don't forget to pamper it with a nourishing mask.
05. Protect your scalp from the sun.
The sun is not (always) your friend, as you now know thanks to the many prevention campaigns for the skin. Why should your scalp escape this rule? Just as fragile as your skin, it is important to protect it by wearing a hat or scarf to prevent it from drying out and becoming itchy, pulling hair, etc. Moreover it is very trendy, the straw hat is making a comeback in fashion magazines! Don't forget to protect your hair (sun, salt, chlorine) by applying an oily product, ideally with a sun filter.
06. Wrap a warm towel around your hair during treatment.
Hair care can sometimes seem like an imponderable, to be done as quickly as possible. It's up to you to combine business with pleasure by transforming them into moments of pure relaxation! When you leave a treatment on, don't hesitate to wrap your hair in a warm towel. Simply place a wet, wrung-out towel in the microwave for one to two minutes. The heat will open the hair scales and increase the effects of the treatment tenfold, and it will also create the ideal conditions for a relaxing break. Wrap your hot towel around your head, put on soft music, close your eyes and let the treatment work...
07. Sleep on silk!
You want an effective way to avoid waking up in "bad hair day" mode and prevent brittle ends? Adopt silk pillowcases. Your hair will glide over it instead of clinging and tangling. A must-especially if you have frizzy hair.
08. Keep perfume for your skin and clothes.
Perfume and hair don't mix. Perfumes are usually alcoholic to ensure their staying power, and it's precisely the alcohol content that can dry out your hair. If you want to put perfume on your hair at all costs, spray only the top of your head, sparingly. 
You can also use an alcohol-free perfume, but above all, brands now offer conditioners, styling products, leave-in milks or hair mists that smell delicious and that, in addition to caring for and/or disciplining your hair, will leave a subtle and gourmand scent.  
09. Use hairspray - but on your brush!
Hairspray is usually reserved for sophisticated hairstyles, when you need to set the hair. But if you spray a small amount on your brush and then run it through your hair, hairspray will help smooth frizz and limit its presence without the cardboard effect that you often get from spraying it directly on your hair.
10. Detangle your curly hair when it's wet.
Brushing very curly or frizzy hair dry can break the curls. If you want to keep your curls in place, detangle them gently with your fingers or comb when they're wet.
11. Get rid of greasy hair.
Greasy hair is often the subject of a vicious circle. If it's greasy, we tend to wash it every day, but frequent washing causes an overproduction of sebum, and too much sebum greases the hair - and irritates the scalp. 
Use a mild, ph-neutral shampoo and reduce the frequency of washing to two or three times a week. Your hair will still get a little greasy the first few weeks and then it will regulate itself.
12. Pay attention to your diet.
What you put on your plate has an immediate impact on your health and by extension on your skin and hair. The foods you eat - or don't eat - every day affect the appearance of your hair. Certain deficiencies tend to make your hair dull and certain excesses (too much sugar, too much fat) will influence the production of sebum. For beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, choose a light and balanced diet.
13. Tame your hair dryer.
Hair dryers are known for damaging hair, but when used correctly, they can be your best ally! To dry your hair, don't hesitate to alternate hot and cold. This technique will give your hair volume and shine. Avoid using the hottest temperature, especially when the blow dryer is close to the hair, and use a blow brush to spread the heat: your hair will be softer.