The bacupari is an orange fruit which looks like a berry and grows on a small tree in the Amazon basin. Popular for its sweet taste, it can be eaten raw or cooked and even brewed as an herbal tea. It is also very much praised for its remarkable anti-inflammatory, regenerating and healing properties and is used in cosmetics to purify skins with imperfections. 
Color-treatments, highlights, chemical hair straightening have a tendancy to open up hair scales and make strands dry and brittle. Thanks to its amazing “bandage”-effect, the bacupari will enable your hair to regenerate and then restore its strength. Moreover, with a naturally low pH, the bacupari will tighten and flatten the scales, restore the hydrolipidic film and maintain its balance. Protected and hydrated, your hair is once again shiny and healthy. 
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Bacupari - Brazilian Smoothing Therapy



Bacupari - Regenerating Mask