Our story 

Dedicated to all the women who do not want to compromise between a perfect hair straightening/smoothing and healthy looking hair, Flora Amazonia is the result of a collaboration between two complementary savoir-faire and of a common passion for beautiful,
healthy and shiny hair. 

Who says globalization may not be positive when it makes the most of two countries expertise with a long tradition of innovation and excellence in haircare?

Flora's Journey

Flora Amazonia’s journey began thanks to the curiosity and tenacity of a French expert, specialized in hair straightening, who took a great interest in listening to her customers’ wishes and demands for years and decided to start looking for an ideal formula to fulfil them. 
She concentrated her research in Brazil as it is a pioneer in hair straightening/smoothing and has plenty of natural resources with amazing attributes. Flora Amazonia is the achievement of an international team’s hard work and commitment who reinvented and perfected the beauty secrets which made the reputation of South American women’s luxuriant hair. 

Real Haircare Routines

More than just basic products, Flora Amazonia introduces real haircare routines that prepare, nourish and straighten your hair for a deep and long lasting result.  With Flora Amazonia routines, treat yourself and enjoy a stress-free and delightful moment while taking care of your hair. 

Thanks to our professional quality haircare kits, all you need is to follow a very easy procedure and in a few steps, you can achieve the same result as in a salon with the added guarantee that your hair won’t be damaged at all but on the contrary will be nourished, strengthened/smoothened and moisturized.  

Your hair* can either be curly, wavy or supple, Flora Amazonia rituals enable you to obtain in three hours durably relaxed hair that you can effortlessly straighten/smoothen with a hairdryer with a shiny and silky finish for as long as eight months (for the Inca Oil collection). 

You can also purchase some products from the Flora Amazonia collections individually. Indeed, shampoos, masks and serums will help you take care of your hair and extend its straightening and nourishing effects.
*Flora Amazonia collections might not achieve the expected result on afro hair.  Indeed afro hair has a very specific structure that requires a VIP - dedicated haircare. Keep in touch with Flora Amazonia as we will come up very soon with a range of products and rituals exclusively dedicated to afro hair!  

From the Amazon Rainforest

Efficiency and environmental protection are the two main priorities of Flora Amazonia. Buriti, soursop, strawberry-guava, camu-camu, acai and bacupari…, each of our star ingredients comes from the Amazon rainforest and has been carefully selected for its high performances and conditioned so as to optimize its numerous benefits. 

Each of our star ingredients comes from sustainable agriculture and local production as both care about the environment and the populations who live nearby. 

All our ingredients are entirely natural and we have chosen to eliminate any toxic or suspicious substances such as paraben, formalin, silicone. All our products have been dermatologically tested but at Flora Amazonia, none of our products, nor our ingredients have been or will ever be tested on animals. 
Brazil is facing great climate and environmental challenges and Flora Amazonia wants to be supportive in that matter. On top of working with ethically responsible producers who are engaged in a monitored and cautious management of the Amazon rainforest, Flora Amazonia donates a share of its benefits to local associations who work to preserve the environment, support and initiate actions in favor of biodiversity and indigenous populations.  

With Flora Amazonia, you can take care of your hair without sacrificing to performance and style. Thanks to its unique formula, you become the ambassadors of a new generation of consumers who want to combine a healthy life and a protected environment while enjoying the latest scientific and cosmetic improvements in haircare! 
Because we value the world that surrounds us, we try to propose the fairest purchase experience.
For every order through our site, we plant a tree!