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What is Brazilian smoothing?
Exit the straightening, the Japanese smoothing or the Korean smoothing. What do they have in common? They damage the hair by destroying the disulfide bridges in an irreversible way... The Brazilian smoothing proposed by Flora is formalin-free, which allows 100% keratin transmission. The hair, which is made up of 90% keratin, will be nourished, without being attacked or damaged.
Ultimate effect, the keratin present in our care will smooth the hair, sublimate it and give it shine and softness.
Is Brazilian smoothing dangerous for your health?
If Brazilian smoothing is considered dangerous, this is particularly due to the products used during the treatment, including formaldehyde, silicone, kerosene or ammonium. It acts as a conservative, or has a fixing or sheathing role. These components can cause secondary effects such as hair loss, allergies, trouble of breathing. At Flora Amazonia we do not use any of these toxic components. All of our products are composed of natural active ingredients and ingredients that are healthy for our consumers.
Can Brazilian smoothing damage my hair?
Flora is committed to enhance your hair, but never to damage it. The products are free of formaldehyde,  other toxic derivatives, and do not irritate the scalp.
Who Brazilian smoothing is for?
Brazilian Smoothing is for everyone without exception. European, Mediterranean or Afro hair, man or woman. Everyone can benefit!
How long will my hair remain straight?
The average duration is 6 to 8 months. In fact, the disulfide bridges are not broken, so the treatment is temporary and the molecular structure of the hair is preserved. The hair regains its appearance little by little, in a very natural way.
Is there any risk in doing a Brazilian smoothing care at home?
The Brazilian smoothing formulas in hair salons that are currently on the market are generally done in 3 steps. Shampoo, smoothing application, washing. Just like our formulas. The application is simple, however you have to respect the pause time. 
If you follow the instructions carefully, you should get a perfect smooth result from the first application, no matter what your hair type is. 
However, results can vary from one person to another if the protocol is not respected. 
When can I do again my Brazilian smoothing?
It depends on each one desires. You can wait to find your nature after 8 months, or remake the roots of the first regrowths. As our smoothings are haircares, there is not really a minimum time to respect between each treatment. 
Which shampoo should I use?
To keep your hair smooth and shiny as long as possible, you will still need to follow a few rules: blow-dry (keratin is activated by heat) and use a shampoo and conditioner from Flora Amazonia range, which has the action of extending the smoothing and shine.
How often should I shampoo?
If you use the Flora care lines, specially formulated to protect your smoothing over time, don't worry. Our shampoos, masks, after shampoos, clean while preserving the hair fiber, regenerate, nourish, smooth, increase shine while perfectly protecting your smoothing. 
You can wash your hair as many times as necessary, at the desired frequency. This will in no way alter your treatment.
If I wash my hair every day, will my smoothing go faster?
Not if you use Flora shampoos and conditioners that protect and preserve the duration of your smoothing.
I have Afro hair, can I get a smooth result after washing?
For Afro hair, it is sometimes necessary to do a second Brazilian smoothing after the first one to get the desired straightness and texture.
My hair is colored, can I smooth it?
Whether you are coloring, highlighting or bleaching, Brazilian smoothing is compatible with different hair types. It even cures hair that may be dehydrated or dry after bleaching. For a total repair complete with a Flora Fiber Botox Therapy or Reconstructing Protein Treatment.
Will smoothing make my color lighter or change?
Brazilian smoothing can slightly lighten hair by half a tone.
Should I color before or after Brazilian smoothing?
It is recommended to color before a Brazilian smoothing. Indeed, this one will repair the hair sensitized by the color. Be careful, it is important to choose a shade one to two tones darker than the expected color because Brazilian smoothing tends to lighten the hair slightly.
It is also possible to make your color after the smoothing. In this case, we recommend the use of a Flora Amazonia mask after coloring. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then rinse. It will regenerate your hair and smooth its scales. 
I want to color my hair after the smoothing, how long do I have to wait before I can do it?
You can color your hair the same day, immediately after the smoothing process.
Can I bleach after the Brazilian smoothing?
A discoloration is a technic that allows to lighten the hair, it makes the hair naked. The bleaching process can have disastrous consequences on the hair fiber. Highlights and sweeps to a lighter shade are obviously included.  Lightening the hair requires the use of techniques that strip the hair. This capillary aggression will diminish the benefits of the care obtained by applying a Brazilian smoothing, and "attack" the keratin fixed in the hair. Brazilian smoothing is an intense treatment that makes the keratin penetrate inside the hair, it nourishes, sheathes, protects and softens it. It is therefore advisable to proceed with Brazilian smoothing AFTER bleaching.
My hair is damaged, can I do a Brazilian smoothing?
Yes, this is even recommended. 
My hair is damaged, burnt, has split ends, is there a specific treatment to repair it?
We offer special treatments for sensitive and damaged hair such as the Fiber Botox Therapy from the Buriti Collection or the Reconstructing Protein Treatment from the Acai Collection. Our treatments will completely repair, rebuild, fill in and restructure the hair fiber.
Will the application of the flat iron damage my hair that is already sensitised?
The smoothing iron is a source of heat. The hair fiber is fragile, so there are steps to avoid. First of all, always use the blow-dryer on dry hair, otherwise you will damage your hair. Also, don't leave the machine on too long. You should move it up and down, but don't leave it on.
For already sensitised hair prefer a temperature of 210 degrees. The care will bring them repair, nutrition, hydration. The Buriti Collection will even seal the split ends. So no worries!
Can I do a Brazilian smoothing even if my hair is already chemically modified?
Of course!! And this is even recommended.
Can I do a Brazilian smoothing while I have henna?
It is always better to do your henna after your smoothing than just before, as the sheathing power of henna can have a barrier effect on smoothing. The sheathing power differs from one smoothing to another, some types of henna are 100%. Compatible and does not obstruct the penetration of the smoothing cream into the hair. It is best to perform a test on a strand. 
Can I do a Brazilian smoothing after a straightening?
Many of you want to stop using straighteners that do not respect the hair by its very aggressive technique. Brazilian straightening is totally compatible after straightening. We recommend that you first rebuild your hair architecture (damaged by straightening) with the Acai Collection Reconstructing Protein Treatment kit, then continue with the Brazilian smoothing of your choice Inca oil or Bacupari Collection.
How many smoothings can I do in a year?
Already, you are at the right address. The Flora smoothing care products have a relatively long life from 6 to 8 months minimum. Our smoothing treatments are composed of natural ingredients and active ingredients, you can use Flora cares as many times as necessary. Generally 1 complete smoothing every 6 months. In the meantime, you can do the regrowths.
What is the difference between a Brazilian, Japanese, Korean smoothing and a straightening?
There are two main families of smoothing:   
1 - Permanents such as Japanese, Korean, and straightening. Japanese smoothing and Korean smoothing are both smoothing techniques imported from Asia. They are very effective on thick but mostly healthy hair. In other words, these smoothing technics should not be applied on fragile hair. It is for this reason that any hairdresser, worthy of the name, must make a diagnosis of your hair before accepting or not to accept a Japanese or Korean smoothing. Indeed, both use products that will have an irreversible effect. Straightening should be completely banned. It breaks the bridges of dissulfides. 
2 - Smoothing treatments such as Brazilian smoothing. As indicated, Brazilian smoothing is a real rejuvenation cure that, in addition to smoothing your hair, will bring repair, shine, regeneration!
I have hair loss problems, is this compatible with your Brazilian smoothing?
In case of hair loss, we recommend the Buriti Collection Fiber Botox Therapy kit, which slows down hair loss and strengthens the hair. This care can be done alone or mixed with Brazilian smoothing.
Does Flora Brazilian Straightening cause hair breakage or hair loss?
On the contrary, Flora smoothing reconstructs and strengthens hair that breaks and slows down hair loss.
I missed or badly done my smoothing. How long do I have to wait before doing it again?
There is no risk to start again. Preferably wait 48 hours so that the setting agents will completely set.
My hair greases faster, why?
After a Flora treatment, your hair is plumped up, nourished, hydrated, full... In other words, there's not much longer space for dust and impurities. We've also stimulated the production of sebum needed to hydrate hair. This can happen sometimes. The effect diminishes after a few shampoos.
How can I keep my smoothness as long as possible?
The best way to preserve the life of your smoothing is to use the Flora Amazonia maintenance range (shampoo, mask, conditioner), specially designed for this purpose.
I'm using oils to nourish or grow my hair, can I continue to do so after the smoothing? Won't it deteriorate?
This is a question that comes up often. The answer is yes, no worries. Oils don't damage our care.